“I believe in redemption. If the justice system isn’t providing opportunities for people to redeem themselves, then we are warehousing people without benefitting society. If we want to live in safer communities, we can’t isolate people, deprive them of opportunities to grow, and expect anything to change. The Second Chances Act incentivizes prisoners to turn their lives around through participation in rehabilitation programs.” – Sgt. Terry Blevins (Ret.) – Former Sergeant and Terrorism Liaison Officer, Gila County, AZ Sheriff’s Department; Former Security Advisor, US Department of Defense and Department of State

“Judges need the discretion to consider rehabilitation options, the offender’s circumstances, and the desires of the individuals harmed by the crime when making a sentencing decision. If we can’t take into account all of the complex human factors related to a crime, our job as judges may as well be done by robots.” – Judge Mary Helen Maynard (Ret.), Santa Cruz County, California

“The African American Christian Clergy Coalition (AACCC) stands in solidarity with the American Friends Service Committee in supporting the “Second Chances, Rehabilitation & Public Safety” ballot initiative.  We believe that this initiative will move us closer to the biblical standards of justice and begin to resolve long-standing disparities in Arizona’s criminal justice system. Arizonans deserve a justice system that ensures public safety, addresses the rights and needs of victims, and metes out justice in a transformative manner. This ballot initiative gets us closer to that goal.” – Dr. Jannah Scott, African American Christian Clergy Coalition

“Untreated PTSD from a violent encounter is one of the strongest forces contributing to a person committing future violent crimes. The Second Chances Act puts victims first, directing resources into support services to help them heal, which will prevent them from continuing that destructive cycle.” – Det. Sgt. J. Gary Nelson (Ret.), Scottsdale Police Department, AZ